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Open the app and follow the instructions to create an account. .

miniBLU TV Transmitter plugs directly into your television and transmits the sound to your miniBLU remote, which in turn transmits the sound to your hearing aids.

Connect Blu to your TV.

The Smart Connect is $229. . .

Download the Rexton Smart Connect app to your compatible smartphone.

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. It comes with a transmitter that you connect to the TV.


This adapter is easy to install, simple to pair, and creates a high-quality and natural TV listening experience.

Connect your hearing aids to the app using Bluetooth. .

Rexton. How to change wax guard from a Rexton RIC with ear tip | REXTON Hearing Aids.

Android iPhone Hearing Aids.
You may also use mini jack or other audio adapters depending on the type of audio device.


The Jabra Enhance Plus are not quite hearing aids, but they're definitely much more than regular earbuds with some hearing enhancing capabilities.

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Connect miniBLU to your TV. If you're someone who notices that their. A versatile device that connects TVs and streams the audio directly to MyCore hearing aids providing Dolby Digital sound. Feature: Connects MyCore hearing aids to iPhone. .


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Smart Connect Discreet, hands-free Bluetooth remote allows transmitting phone calls into both ears without touching the phone.

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Easy pairing and connecting.